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Valladolid, the Yucatan's Hip Pueblo Magico

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

When planning a trip to the Yucatan, Mexico, many travelers will choose the region's capital city, Mérida, as their base. But I plead the case for Valladolid, a small town in the middle of the state and a designated Pueblo Magico (Magical City) since 2012 due to its charming architecture, local arts, craftsmanship, and surrounding natural beauty. Staying in Valladolid provides easy access to the Mayan ruins, cenotes, and touristy sights scattered across the Yucatan, as well as the beaches of the Riviera Maya. Located centrally in the Yucatan Peninsula it's easy to get to/from the airports in either Merida or Cancun. But don't only use the town as a home base for discovering the region's many other attractions. Valladolid is worthy of a few day's explorations in itself, to delve deeper into a traditional Yucatan experience or to relax and enjoy the positive vibes of this peaceful locale...

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