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SAN CRISTOBAL BAJA : A Hotel Text/Photo Diary

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

San Cristobal Baja, the newest hotel from Bunkhouse ATX group, is situated in Baja California and is their first venture located outside of the United States. It continues the tradition of stellar design, forward thinking and detail-oriented hospitality established by all of Liz Lambert's properties, but with the added advantage of being on the Pacific Ocean, in the glorious country of Mexico.

The hotel, designed by Austin firm Lake Flato and bunkhouse founder, designer Liz Lambert, evokes a desert ranch feel with minimal whitewashed buildings, gorgeous tile accents, and dramatic cacti all flanking the hotel's impressive pool, where you will probably spend most of your time lounging and sipping cocktails. Or working on your laptop. Or relaxing in the Jacuzzi. The point being, you WILL be at the pool. But should you venture off those comfy loungers, be sure to take a stroll on the beach and admire the sunset. Alas, the water is not suitable for swimming as there are strong currents but is a great place to watch the Puntas Lobos fisherman catch their wares in the early morning.

We shared a Standard Room and had ample space, spending plenty of time lounging in the massive bathroom while pampering our sun-scorched bodies with the lush toiletries by Malin and Goetz. The private beachfront balcony is also perfect for watching the tide roll in, wearing the in-house provided kimonos. Other amenities of the hotel were a quirky gift shop next to reception, where one could purchase Mezcal sets and pretty throw blankets (at inflated prices for the convenience of one-stop shopping), a library perfect for early morning journaling or late night perusal of the record collection, and a upstairs gallery begging for a yoga class or two. Food and drink options include the delicious Mediterranean fusion restaurant Benno, or happy hour ceviche and fancy cocktails at the poolside bar.

The hotel is located just outside the town of Todos Santos, a pleasant 1.5 hrs drive from Cabo San Lucas airport. Todos Santos is best known for the iconic Hotel California, which, despite popular folklore, was NOT the inspiration for that famous Eagles song. It is also one of Mexico's designated Pueblo Magicos, towns named such because of their atmospheric qualities. It's easy to see why, once you are strolling through cobblestone streets visiting the many boutiques, dining options, art galleries, and artisan shops while admiring the well preserved colonial architecture. There are a plethora of day trips to be made from Hotel San Cristobal, from whale watching excursions in La Paz, to beautiful farms that offer classes, products for sale and delicious lunch.

Get here now! Todos Santos is poised to become the West Coast's answer to Tulum (or at least the New Sayulita), and you'll want to get in a leisurely stay at the hotel before it becomes overrun with hipsters and the trendy elite. If Mexico is not in your travel forecast anytime soon, be sure to check out the other Bunkhouse Group hotels in Austin and San Antonio for similar above the bar Hotel experiences.

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