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BHAIRON VILAS: A Hotel Text/Photo Diary

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

A stay at the phenomenal Bhairon Vilas hotel in Bikaner, Rajasthan comes replete with the extravagant hospitality that is unique to the country of India. The hotel is situated in the mansion of Mataraja Bhairon Singh-ji, once a prime minister of Bikaner. Converted lovingly by his great grandson Harshwardhan Singh, the rooms are lushly and eclectically decorated with unique color stories and priceless family heirlooms.

The grounds are quietly maintained, and you are apt to see the charming hotel owner managing the landscaping process as often as you will see him behind the bar, regaling hotel guests with tales relating to his family, the history of Bikaner, and Indian culture in general.

Take a nap by the gorgeous pool, eat a delicious lunch in the garden surrounded by banana trees and fragrant flowers, catch up on your emails in the lavishly decorated coffee shop, try on vintage Gujarati and Rajasthani garments in the shop, or imbibe a rum beverage in the intoxicating bar whilst psychedelia vintage Bollywood flicks serve as your visual backdrop vis a vis T.V.

One can venture outside the hotel grounds if desired, the well versed and accommodating staff can organize a tour of city attractions including Junagarh Fort, and the amazing dilapidated mansions that adorn the streets of old Bikaner. Even arranging a sunset desert soiree with fire dancers and musicians. Maybe a camel trek, if adventuring is more your style.

The quality and luxury this hotel affords far exceeds the price point needed for your stay at Bhairon Vilas. While Bikaner may not be on the “tourist circuit” of Rajasthan visits, this city is low key charming and gems like Hotel Bhairon Vilas are all the more reason to venture away from the larger cities, and get to know the people and history of this enchanting and grungy town.

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