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SAN CRISTOBAL BAJA : A Hotel Text/Photo Diary

San Cristobal Baja, the newest hotel from Bunkhouse ATX group, is situated in Baja California and is their first venture located outside of the United States. It continues the tradition of stellar design, forward thinking and detail-oriented hospitality established by all of Liz Lambert's properties, but with the added advantage of being on the Pacific Ocean, in the glorious country of Mexico. The hotel, designed by Austin firm Lake Flato and bunkhouse founder, designer Liz L

7 Special Things: HOI AN

Hoi An may very well be the most charming town in Vietnam, if not the most fragrant. It's well-preserved historic center is filled with gorgeous yellow and blue buildings, and it's proximity to the beaches and ruins of My Son makes Hoi An an attractive break between the clustered chaos of old town Hanoi and the sprawling sophistication of Saigon. Plus, every street corner seemingly has a bundle of the most aromatic incense burning. The city is a sensory delight. Architecture

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